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Yahoo acquired Qwiki for $50 million, Qwiki was sued

Yahoo acquired Qwiki for $50 million; then shortly, the news broke that Chaotic Moon, an app development company sued Qwiki for non-payment of its design and development services for Qwiki’s iOS app.

Chaotic Moon claims that Qwiki owes payments for the amount of approximately $168,000.

Based on the Chaotic Moon's court complaint, Chaotic Moon continued working on Qwiki's iOS app and met all milestones, but Qwiki failed to make any payments for the services.

In a rebuttal, Qwiki denies most of the allegations and states that Chaotic Moon knowingly misrepresented the facts about meeting Qwiki’s aggressive timeframe and counterclaims that Chaotic Moon’s misrepresentation caused Qwiki $250,000 worth of damages.

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