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Google has just Announced a New Health Oriented Company

Calico is a Health Company Focused on Human Health from Extending Life to Increasing Well Being.

It looks like google has just added something new to its ever growing family. Today brings the announcement of Calico a company that will focus on human health, specifically extending life and increasing well being.

Google's CEO Larry Page is looking into the long term and specifically stated it will be geared toward "moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology" So we can definitely say this ones for the future.

Arthur D. Levinson will be appointed CEO but will also remain the chair for both Apple and Genentech.

Calico is looking at thinking outside the box of traditional thinking about healthcare. From its research, to its advancements into how its implemented, they want to re-evaluate everything. Currently Ideas have been floating around but nothing has been said as to what they will be doing just yet. The most we could speculate on is advancements in long term cures for illness affecting the senescent.

Only time will tell what Calico has in store for us. But it is something positive to look forward to in the mean time.

Written By Matt Hicks

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