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Google Serves up a Vending Machine?

Google has Announced a new Google Play Vending Machine

After countless years, Japan is still infatuated with the use of vending machines. Just from walking around Japan you can see all the different types of vending machines present. Here you can get sodas, coffee, beer, snacks and even toys. And now Google has jumped on the vending machine band wagon and decided to offer Google Play Downloads.

Tokyo Japan will play host to 3 dedicated Google Play vending machines that will offer 18 games to download. All you need is an Android phone running at least 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and NFC. Just place your phone in the tray and the NFC pairing will beam over the games to download directly to your phone.

And to appeal to the iOS crowd, they will have representatives there to lend you a loaner Nexus 4 for you to try out and experience the vending machine and what it has to offer.

As a bonus you will also get a little surprise from Google too so it still somewhat retains the traditional sense of the vending machine in the end.

Heres hoping we might get a glimpse of this Stateside.

Source Engadget

Written By Matt Hicks

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