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Samsung Unveils to the World the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

A New Contender in the Smart Watch Game, the Galaxy Gear

Samsung, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of electronics has revealed a new piece of tech to the world, the Galaxy Gear. This will be Samsung's chance to make a break into the realm of existing smart watches and prove to the world they can bring something new and innovative to the playing field. Samsung's decision may be considered a good one in order to establish a lead as rival company Apple has been rumored to also be in the makes of a similar device.

Currently there are about three manufacturers of smart watches on the market today including, Pebble, Sony, Martian and also just recently announced Qualcomm. So with that, there has been quite a lot of talk surrounding smart watches and their uses putting Samsung in a very good position to work off of.

Some quick tidbits on the watch include a 1.63 inch 320 x 320 pixel Super AMOLED screen with a 1.9 Megapixel camera built into the wristband capable of 720p videos in 10 second bursts. It will have a speaker and mic with the ability to playback video content. It will connect to your phone using a 800 MHz processor and run off a 315 mAh battery. There are current speculations that it will only work on Samsung devices but this is still unknown.One feature in particular though to note, is that when paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone, it has the ability to access S voice on the fly giving Siri on the iPhone a run for its money.  It will also feature apps but only has 4 GB of storage. And like most watches, it will come in multiple colors. The Galaxy Gear will start shipping in Japan and the US October and will run you $299.00

Written By Matt Hicks

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