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About Top Companies

About Us

Top Companies with its headquarters in San Diego, is an emerging search engine company that uses an innovative search engine platform called "DistilledSearch." DistilledSearch technology allows users to seek out the top companies in any industry without any clutter bloating and clouding their search results.

For years, Internet users have been frustrated by the standard search engines when looking for industry-leading businesses. Most search engines only provide keyword matches to web pages, forcing the user to sort through many unrelated results, dig through disorder and assemble the information themselves. There is currently no easy way to compare companies based on reputation, size, market growth, earnings, and various other key criteria.

Launching in 2013, TopCompanies.com promises to take the exhausting work out of Internet research and data analysis. Users will be able to easily type a few search words and receive immediate information on the top-ranked companies across the United States and Canada. Community features will let users share testimonials and interact with each other. Easily compare valuable data and demographics about Fortune-500 corporations. With this information at their fingertips, Internet research become a pleasure instead of a chore.

The new TopCompanies.com search engine is an innovation in search engine technology and will be used by many businesses to easily find companies and vendors based on reputation, track records and other important factors. This will substantially help companies to streamline the vendor selection process, search for potential business relationships or industry research.

Look for TopCompanies.com in 2013 and use their brilliant new way of searching the web.

Distilled search technology — essential elements refined