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Press Release/News from Top Companies

Press Release/News

Announcing a new search engine to find the top companies in any industry

May 1, 2013

As an emerging big player in the search engine business, Top Companies announces the launch of a new innovative search engine platform.

(San Diego, CA) Top Companies, with their headquarters in San Diego, announces the launch of the new search engine, TopCompanies.com. As an emerging big player in the search engine business, TopCompanies.com allows users to easily seek out the top companies in any industry.

For years, Internet users have been using search engines to find products and services; and businesses, in their quest to be found on the first few pages of unreliable search results, have resorted to confusing and complicated search engine marketing tactics to market their products and services on typical search engines.

Top Companies search engine technology resolves the challenges presented with today's unreliable search results by delivering clear, refined results for users. Top Companies has created a new way of searching using an innovative search engine platform called "DistilledSearch." The DistilledSearch technology allows users to experience a concentrated, purified scope of information, without the typical clutter of results that make it difficult to find the essence of their search.

The new TopCompanies.com Search Engine changes the way users search for businesses. It also provides a new way for companies to market their business on TopCompanies.com. By using a similar keyword search system, but providing clean listing and ranking results on industry-leading businesses instead of an array of inaccurate target sites such as Wikipedia, blogs or articles.

TopCompanies.com Search Engine provides results based on companies that meet a certain level of quality standards and rank the companies based on several aspects of business best practices such as quality of products or services, best value, pricing, company integrity, customer satisfaction, customer service and timely delivery.

Consumers and buyers now have a new search engine tool that helps make reliable buying decisions possible, by providing a comparison of companies based on client's feedback, endorsements and testimonials. And business can better position their products and services on TopCompanies.com Search Engine without having to rely on expensive unreliable search engine marketing tactics.

About Top Companies - TopCompanies.com search engine is an innovation in search engine technology and will be used by many businesses to easily find companies and vendors based on reputation, track records and other important factors.

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Top Companies
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